Morning Notes // Don’t Trade Jose Reyes Night – Tonight!

-The Mets and Pirates split a four game set concluding in a seven run comeback by the Amazin’s. Great writeup by Greg Prince at Faith & Fear in Flushing

-The boys stay at home this weekend to face the Braves in a three game series starting tonight with John Niese facing off against Derek Lowe, tomorrow with Dylan Gee matched up with the red hot Jair Jurrjens, and finally with R.A. Dickey against Tim Hudson

-The good folks at The7Line have organized a rally of sorts tonight June 2nd at the Shea Bridge at Citifield to show support for ownership and management keeping Jose Reyes a Met.

You really want him going somewhere else?

While I can’t be there in person, my support is with them, and I just wanted to pass the word on to head out to Citi with a sign or shirt supporting one of the best shortstops in baseball and a player the Mets won’t be able to replace once he’s gone.

So good work 7Line, keep it up.

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I'm a 20-something Mets fan living his post-collegiate life in the heart of Red Sox Nation. Fascinated by baseball, the media, and politics; this blog will serve as a place for me to talk endlessly about the Amazin's and topics related to them. Tug said "Ya Gotta Believe!", Journey sang "Don't Stop Believing", and I just can't stop believing for my Metsies. I realize there's thousands of baseball blogs out there, but here's another 1 full of nostalgia, hope, history, and Mets baseball. Ya' Just Gotta Believe!
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